Write your priorities down

and then make time for them.

Your goals won't happen by themselves.

Use a planner to help you track your dreams.



Shaatra is Arabic for homemaker, in Yiddish, Balabusta.⠀

I truly believe that we are all shaatras in our own way. There's no right or wrong way to home-make...at least, there shouldn't be! What works for one woman, may not work for you. That doesn't make you bad at something. It just makes you unique!

Keep in mind that you can still be a shaatra and not drive yourself crazy! You don't have to make gourmet dinners and have a perfectly tidy house at all times (although, you could if you want to!). 

We're all a work in progress, so give yourself some patience and self-love. Pick out a planner and let your chances of being your own definition of 'shaatra' all that better!

Don't know which planner to choose? Here's a quick guide.